Do you need a coach?

Are you tired of feeling stuck? Would you like to tap into your excellence and uniqueness?


Do you want to be a coach?

The Associazione Professionale Italia Coaching e Arte – APICA brings together professionals operating in the coaching and training sector. With their experience and professional skills they offer a service aiming to increase the clients’ resources and maximize their performance, for the achievement of well defined goals in the organizational, artistic and professional fields.

Do you find that people often come to you for advice or guidance? Are you passionate about this topic and are you thinking of turning it into a profession? JOIN US!

What is a Coach, and what does a Coach do?

The Association adheres to a Code of Ethics that each member must sign and honor.

Read here our Code of Ethics.

APICA is committed to establishing relationships with other professional Coaching associations at an international level.


APICA develops and promotes the professional organization chain in Italy, ensuring that a high skill’s standard and reliability of its members is achieved and maintained.

Become a Coach

Are you looking for a new profession and new work opportunities? Do you want to transform your passion about Coaching into a profession? Are you an experienced professional working in the Helping Professions who is considering to include Coaching in your practice? Do you want to challenge and stimulate yourself through self-initiative, enterprising spirit, a desire to learn and the aspiration to create something that is totally your own?

APICA can jumpstart your Coaching career. You will receive training and continuing education, support for your ideas, guidance in understanding the workings of the market, assistance in your professional journey, help in finding the information you need.


Ten steps to become a Coach

  1. Do your own research and get information about Coaching in Italy and in the rest of the world. Read books, blogs, search the Web, and let yourself be inspired.
  2. Become a member of APICA. Engage in the life of this passionate, enthusiastic coaching community! (click here to read all the advantages of the APICA membership). APICA organizes online meetings and makes use of social media to encourage and nurture the sharing of information and the conversation among members.
  3. Refine your market research: identify your points of reference (websites, blogs, inspiring coaches), your niche and  your specialty.
  4. Invest in networking: take time to study your contact net and to define the strategies to expand it.
  5. Create your Business Plan, focusing on these questions: What is my mission? What kind of problem does my service address and respond to? What market do I target? What kind of clients? What’s my business model?
  6. Create a list of your services and relative pricing.
  7. Think of a name for your company, of a website and of the contents you want to communicate.
  8. Define with accuracy what you want your clients’ experience to be, and how you mean to keep track of your work (photos, testimonial, evaluations…)
  9. Look for your first clients among friends and family in order to test your coaching abilities and gain experience.
  10. Become a member of APICA to acquire information, sharing, and updates, and consider enrolling in one of the coaching courses offered.

The Coach

Becoming a Coach:

Make a living out of your passion.

In our fast times, we are required the skill to get to what’s essential, to give value to our personal resources, rather than to engage in the continuous accumulation of new and different competences.

In this perspective, the Master in Coaching is a program of higher education aiming not only to create the professional figure of a Coach, but also to recognize, value, and honor one’s personal resources. In fact, Coaching as a profession entails that one’s own passion be  put to good use by defining one’s own area of specialization.

What is a Coach?

The Coach, defined as a “coach for the achievement of goals,” is someone who listens, directs, empowers, and helps develop people’s resources to facilitate transformation and change in the organizational, professional, and artistic fields. Starting with the first customer: themselves.

Methodology of the APICA Coaches

Coaching is not a quest for truth, it’s a quest for change.

The methodology is characterized by a rather directive approach in the session with a client, proposing exercises and techniques to stimulate and/or provoke the client. In any given session a cycle is completed, that offers a simple and clear system for organizing the meeting, with defined rules aimed at improving performance and allowing the client’s talents to emerge fully.


Types of Coach

  • Art Coach
  • Business Coach
  • Career  Coach
  • Corporate Coach
  • Fiscal Coach
  • Legal Coach
  • Sport Coach
  • Travel Coach



Level’s Table: Coaches are certified by APICA  in four levels, based on training and skills :

Level 1 Professional Coach – specific training and experience

Level 2 Senior Coach – advanced training and experience

Level 3 Trainer Coach – additional advanced training and training experience

Level 4 Supervisor Coach – advanced training and supervisory experience

#1502 | Augustoni Debora – Professional Coach

#1503 | Bailo Roberta – Supervisor Coach

#1504 | Baroni Gabriele – Supervisor Coach

#1506 | Bisio Manuela – Supervisor Coach

#1507 | Candiani Valeria – Senior Coach

#1510 | Colvara Giulia – Professional Coach

#1511 | Dellacasa Maria Grazia – Senior Coach

#1512 | Di Patti Rosa – Professional Coach

#1513 | Fardin Marco – Supervisor Coach

#1515 | Jasmine Silvia – Senior Coach

#1516 | Lamma Roberto –  Supervisor Coach

#1518 | Magni Cinzia – Senior Coach

#1519 | Marangoni Angela – Senior Coach

#1520 | Marrazzo Silvia –  Supervisor Coach

#1522 | Nocera Marina – Senior Coach

#1524 | Paci Vincenzo – Senior Coach

#1525 | Panaro Stefania – Trainer Coach

#1527 | Ravecca Sylvie Moira – Supervisor Coach

#1528 | Remi Marina – Senior Coach

#1529 | Vigo Ilaria – Supervisor Coach

#1530 | Vitale Tania – Supervisor Coach

#1534 | Marta Filippini – Senior Coach

#1535 | Tardito Enrico – Senior Coach

#1537 | Turco Simona – Supervisor Coach

#1541 | Nicolini Cristina – Supervisor Coach

#1545 | Maugeri Cinzia – Professional Coach

#1546 | Subacchi Nirati -Senior Coach

#1547 | Katia Piana – Senior Coach

#1549 | Paciotti Fatima Maria Teresa – Senior Coach

#1550 | Vanni Valeria –  Senior Coach

#1551 | Dall’Ora Viviana – Trainer Coach

#1552 | Levi Rocha André (Naro) – Trainer Coach

#1554 | Ghelfi Marcella  – Trainer Coach

#1556 | Macrì Gianfranco  – Senior Coach

#1557 | Luganesi Leonardo  – Professional Coach

#1558 | Ratta Lorena  – Senior Coach

#1559 | Minghetti Maurizio  – Senior Coach

#1560 | Ambroso Elena  – Professional Coach

#1561 | Micali Cristina  – Trainer Coach

#1562 | Espelt Montserrat  – Professional Coach

#1563 | Nicora Letizia  – Professional Coach

#1564 | Cantatore Daniela – Senior Coach

#1566 | Gavino Silvia – Professional Coach

#1567 | Alessandra Gestro – Professional Coach

#1568 | Morabito Anna Maria – Professional Coach

#1569 | Murador Renata – Professional Coach

#1570 | Venturini Noemi – Professional Coach

#1571 | Putrone Natascia – Professional Coach

#1572 | Caffo Martina – Professional Coach

#1573 | Esposito Laura – Professional Coach

#1574 | Russo Raffaella – Professional Coach

#1575 | Zunino Valeria – Professional Coach

#1576 | Landi Alba – Professional Coach

#1577 | Giannesi Alessio – Professional Coach

#1578 | Caldari Susan – Professional Coach

#1579 | Fipaldini Barbara – Professional Coach

#1580 | Carbone Gabriele – Professional Coach

#1581 | Piana Ombretta – Professional Coach

#1582 | Ruffa Michela – Professional Coach

#1583 | Cabras Ilaria – Professional Coach

#1584 | Longo Bianco Angelica – Professional Coach

#1585 | Bergonzi Antonella – Senior Coach

#1586 | Foppa Pedretti Tommaso – Professional Coach

#1587 | Calabrò Gabriella – Professional Coach

#1588 | Botto Annalisa – Professional Coach

#1589 | Cicotti Ilaria – Professional Coach

#1590 | Menicucci Giulia – Professional Coach

#1591 | Romeo Alessio – Professional Coach

#1592 | Orlandini Annalisa – Professional Coach

#1593 | Gibelli Ludovica – Professional Coach

#1594 | Crocetta Daniela – Professional Coach

#1595 | Corda Barbara – Professional Coach

#1596 | Tosches Luca – Professional Coach

#1597 | Gasparini Romeo – Professional Coach

#1598 | Luchetti Dario – Professional Coach

#1599 | Facchini Benedetta – Professional Coach

#1600 | Musso Manuela – Professional Coach

#1601 | Muzi Antonio – Professional Coach

#1602 | Geroldi Gabriella – Professional Coach

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